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15 Sep 2019 13:56

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Living with an active, large breed of dog can be an exceptionally satisfying experience. While a large breed of dog may be ideal for many people; Potential owners should be aware of many different aspects, including health problems and the short life span of many large breeds of dogs. Black Dog Names Take a look at the eight most popular breeds of dogs and what you should keep in mind while purchasing.


Features: Newfoundlanders are strong, large dogs that are a great pet for the family. It was originally built as a dog working for log logs or fishing nets, it is a fantastic swimmer.

Health problems: Sometimes the torn ligaments of the arteria cruciate are found in the breed. Depending on the severity, this type of injury can lead to surgery, so proper dog insurance is important. Newfoundland dog breeds sometimes suffer more dangerously than stomach-bending. This is a fatal condition in which the stomach expands due to excess gas and can cause stomach upset. It mainly occurs in dogs with large breasts.

Great donation
Characteristics: The Great Dane's dog is a royal dog of real beauty with a size of 86 cm. Being up to is a touch of nobility. He is somewhat gentle and enjoys spending time with his people.

Health Issues: Although its size was beneficial for its original purpose as a hunting dog, it could be harmful to its health. Like the Newfoundlands, the Great Dane dog breed is also at greater risk of bone cancer than a small dog. Signs and symptoms include lameness. If you notice this with your Great Dane, you should take it to your vet immediately.

Irish Wolfound
Features: Ideal for its traditional role of dragging and chasing men in battle with giant canine horses 86 cm long and their horses. Best Names for Black Dogs This shaggy-haired dog has the potential to become the perfect family pet for many, for it to have a deep connection with its owner and to be involved in every aspect of family life.

Health Issues: Due to the size of the Irish Wolfound dog breed, it can also be susceptible to bone cancer, hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. Other diseases affecting this breed are heart diseases that are caused by thinning of the heart muscle and are no longer contracting properly.

Barnes Mountain Dog
Characteristics: The Bernese Mountain Dog is for the traditional work of Switzerland and the body, while pulling carriage and livestock. The height is 68 cm. is. With her sweet temperament and long hair, she is a welcoming and warm family pet.

Health Issues: The Bernice Mountain dog is a healthier, larger breed dog than any other, but the owner should be aware of the potential conditions arising from its size. These disorders include elbow dysplasia, a degenerative disease that sometimes occurs in a large breed of dogs.

Characteristics: Rottweiler breed is medium to large. The breed came from Germany, where it was used for butchers and farmers to draw carts and cattle. It is difficult mentally and physically, but requires careful training to honor its owner as a "pack leader".

Health problems: Rottweiler hip dysplasia is most commonly affected by dog ​​breeds. This condition can range from mild to severe. Severe cases are very painful and usually require surgery to correct them. A dog suffering from congenital heart disease is also a breed, also known as aortic stenosis.

Facilities: Cross between St. Bernard, Newfoundland and Great Pyrenees. No wonder the Leonberger dog breed is 80 cm wide. He loves being with humans and needs many other giant dog breeds for everyday movement.

Health Issues: Leonberger's size increases the risk of panostatis (bone inflammation) and hip dysplasia. It occurs when there is irritation in the large bones of the feet of small dogs, which makes it very painful for the dog to walk or walk. Black and White dog names With the Leonberger dog breed, it is important to get the right dog insurance to ensure that your dog is safe and that you can spend your time with any large breed of dog.

Golden Retrievers
Characteristics: The hunting dog was created by hunters to rinse, search, or retrieve a one-shot game. He is always very trained, entertaining and entertaining and balanced in nature.

Health problems: Some of its health problems include subaerotic stenosis (SAS), hypothyroidism, elbow dysplasia, eye disease, seizures, and mast cell tumors. You can also sometimes find te stiosarcoma in a golden retriever dog breed. Other major health problems for dogs are hip dysplasia (CHD), lymphoma, skin problems, and hemangiosarcoma. To detect such conditions in the early stages, veterinarians may recommend cardiac, thyroid, hip, eye, or elbow tests for routine examination.

German shephed hair
Features: This German shorthair is a very large hunting dog and is 66 by 66 cm. He has a store of endurance and strength. Ideally, he has to work more than two hours a day.

Health problems: This breed of dog has major problems like hypothyroidism, gastric torsion, hip dysplasia (CHD), von Willebrand disease (VWD), osteochondrosis dissection (OCD), pus, vein and entropy and lymphoedema. Other problems that sometimes occur in a dog breed are ectropion, cardiomyopathy and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). To identify some of these problems, a vet may recommend regular heart, hip, thyroid, and eye tests as well as VWD tests.

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