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Dog Training Required? - 13 Mar 2019 11:27


A recent study found that beagles who are trained five times in a week require more lessons than dogs receiving only one training session. In this study, dogs were divided into two separate groups, one group was trained five times a week, while the second group was trained only once. We have shared dog names

The results show that dogs, who had only one lesson in the week, were trained in less training period than in the second group. It should be noted that the total training time of the dog with training session was long, because training sessions were different between the two groups.

Keep session short

Like the number of lessons, the training period should be short. Experts suggest that every session should not exceed the 15-minute limit.

If a puppy is young, then it can easily get distracted. They have less attention. That's why you only have the right workout at this time. If the session is too long, it eventually boring and distracts. This will destroy the full purpose of training.

Less Train in a Session

Do not try to handle too much in a session. It is usually wise to follow a particular thing, because your dog will then learn to follow the instructions.

The combination of many instructions can lead your puppy or dog too. First tell it in a command and then proceed with the other commands in the step. In this way, you can train your dog for obedience through small and effective sessions.

Reduces distraction

When you train a new command, then your dog's attention should be at its peak. So choose a place that is silent and free from confusion. This will help your dog listen carefully and follow the suite.

If you choose a location with many obstacles, then it can not be properly organized. Your dog should calm down before deciding to teach something new.

Stop it

The small workout should end in a positive and positive way. Make sure that during this session, your dog has realized that he has developed well. Often works well to give late prizes.

The next time you start training, the dogs are waiting. In this way, your pet understands the importance of training. It is motivated to continue the behavior after training sessions.

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